Introduction to connections

BigQuery lets you query data that's stored outside of BigQuery in Google Cloud services like Cloud Storage or Spanner, or in third-party sources like AWS or Azure. These external connections use the BigQuery Connection API.

For example, suppose that you store details about customer orders in Cloud SQL and data about sales in BigQuery, and you want to join the two tables in a single query. You can create a Cloud SQL connection to the external database by using the BigQuery Connection API. With connections, you never send database credentials as cleartext.

A connection is encrypted and securely stored in the BigQuery connection service. You can give users access to connections by granting them BigQuery connection Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles.

Connection types

BigQuery provides connections for the following external data sources:

Audit logs

BigQuery logs usage and management requests about connections. For more information, see BigQuery audit logs overview.

What's next