Migrating VMs to Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform provides the following options for migrating your servers to Compute Engine.

Importing virtual disks

If you have virtual disks in your on-premises environment with software and configurations that you need (sometimes referred to as golden disks or golden images), you can save time by importing those virtual disks into Compute Engine and using the resulting image to create new virtual machines. The import tool supports most virtual disk file formats, including VMDK, VHD, and RAW. For more information, see Importing virtual disks.

To migrate a large number of Virtual Machines, consider one of following VM migration products.

Using the CloudEndure migration service

CloudEndure provides a simple-to-use managed service for migrations of multiple VMs. It supports on-prem-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud migrations. CloudEndure's agent-based migration technology supports VMs running in any virtualization environment and also supports physical servers.

The CloudEndure VM migration service is free to use. You will be billed only for the GCP VM resources that you create, based on the Compute Engine price sheet.

For more information, see the Guide for using CloudEndure to migrate your VMs to GCP.

Using the Velostrata for GCP migration product

Velostrata provides an agentless cloud migration solution that allows users to efficiently migrate VMs to Google Cloud Platform in minutes. The Velostrata migration product uses a streaming technology to reduce migration time, provides pre-migration rightsizing recommendations to help you choose appropriate instances types, and integrates with VMware vCenter to provide a single pane of glass for management of VM migrations.

The Velostrata VM migration product is free to use. You will be billed based on the Compute Engine price sheet only for the GCP resources that you create and resources (instances, disks, cloud storage) that the Velostrata product creates to enable migration.

For more information, see the Guide for using Velostrata to migrate your VMs to GCP.

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