Create a VM similar to an existing VM

If you have a VM with a specific configuration that you would like to reuse, you can use the console to create a VM that is similar to an existing VM.

When you use the procedure in this document to create a similar VM, Compute Engine only uses the VM's configuration information to create the new VM. Compute Engine does not copy any data that is stored on the VM or on any persistent disks.

You can only use the console to duplicate a VM's configuration. You cannot duplicate a VM's configuration by using the gcloud CLI or the Compute Engine API.

Create a VM that is similar to an existing VM

  1. Go to the VM instances page.

    Go to the VM instances page

  2. Click the name of the VM. The VM instance details page opens.

  3. In the toolbar at the top of the VM instance details page, click Create similar.

    Image of the 'Create Similar' button in the Cloud console.

    The console copies the configuration and opens the Create an instance page.

  4. On the Create an instance page, customize the new VM.

  5. Click Create.


To find errors and resolutions related to creating VMs, see Troubleshooting VM creation.

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