Simba Drivers for Google BigQuery


Google has partnered with Simba Technologies Inc, a Magnitude Software Company to provide ODBC and JDBC drivers that leverage the power of BigQuery's Standard SQL.

The intent of these drivers is to help users connect the power of Google BigQuery with existing tooling and infrastructure that does not have native integration.

Current ODBC Driver Releases

Current JDBC Driver Releases

Known Issues and FAQ

Can I use these drivers to ingest or export data between Google BigQuery and my existing environment?

These drivers leverage the query interface for BigQuery, and don't provide functionality to leverage BigQuery's large scale ingestion mechanisms or export functionality.

While you can use DML to issue small volumes of INSERT requests, it is subject to the limits on DML.

How do the drivers deal with BigQuery's nested and repeated data schemas?

Nested and repeated data (also known as STRUCTS and ARRAYS in standard SQL) is represented as the JSON output from the BigQuery API for these types because the ODBC data model doesn't have an appropriate way to represent the data. While you might execute queries that manipulate these types, if the output schema from a query has complex types the drivers will present these encoded in JSON format.

Do the drivers support parameterized queries?

Yes, the drivers support positional parameterization. Note that preparing a query prior to execution provides validation information, but does not affect performance of the executed query.

Do the drivers provide the ability to manage tables (e.g. CREATE TABLE)?

No. BigQuery itself does not support a data definition language (DDL), and the drivers make no attempt to emulate one.

How do I get support for these drivers?

Please consult our support page for support options.

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