Google Merchant Center top products schema

Top products table schema

Best sellers data helps merchants understand the most popular brands and products in Shopping ads. For more information about best sellers, see the description in Supported Reports.

The data is written to a table named BestSellers_TopProducts_merchant_id if you are using an individual Merchant ID, or BestSellers_TopProducts_aggregator_id if you're using an MCA account.

The BestSellers_TopProducts_ table has the following schema:

Column BigQuery data type Description Sample field
rank_timestamp TIMESTAMP Date and time when the rank was published. 2020-03-14 00:00:00 UTC
rank_id STRING Rank identifier to join against the Product Inventory table 2020-03-14:AU:100:2:product
rank INTEGER The popularity rank of the product on Shopping ads for the `ranking_country` and `ranking_category`. Popularity is based on the estimated number of products sold. The rank updates daily. The data included in metrics might be delayed by up 2 days. 2
previous_rank INTEGER The change in rank over the previous 7 days. 4
ranking_country STRING Country code used for ranking. AU
ranking_category INTEGER Google product category ID used for ranking. 5181
ranking_category_path RECORD,
Google product category full path for each locale used for ranking.
ranking_category_path.locale STRING en-AU STRING Luggage & Bags
product_title RECORD,
Product title.
product_title.locale STRING en-AU STRING ExampleBrand Backpack
gtins STRING,
Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). 07392158680955
brand STRING Brand of the item. ExampleBrand
google_brand_id STRING Google brand ID of the item. 11887454107284768328
google_product_category INTEGER Google product category ID of the item. 100
google_product_category_path RECORD,
Google product category full path of the item.
google_product_category_path.locale STRING en-US STRING Luggage & Bags > Backpacks
price_range RECORD Price range: lower and upper (with no decimals) and currency. The price does not include shipping costs. n/a
price_range.min NUMERIC 115
price_range.max NUMERIC 147
price_range.currency STRING AUD

Understanding the data

  • Ranking categories are subject to change over time.
  • The Google product category in the BestSellers_TopProducts_Inventory_ table might be different from the Google Product Category in the Products_ table. The Products_ table surfaces a retailer provided value of Google product category.
  • For products in your inventory, the price range in BestSellers_TopProducts_ might differ from the Products_PriceBenchmarks_ table. Price benchmarks metrics are calculated over a different time period. The price ranges in BestSellers_TopProducts_ reflect prices of different variants of the product, whereas the price ranges in Products_PriceBenchmarks_ only refer to a single variant.
  • Some products in your inventory might not have a rank for each category in the path. We limit the number of products per category to 10,000, and in some sub-categories we don't publish any ranking.


Products might have a rank for each category within the product category path. For example, a Google Pixel 4 phone is classified as Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones. The Pixel 4 will have a separate ranking for Electronics, Communications, Telephony, and Mobile Phones. Use ranking_category_path in addition to ranking_country to determine the depth of category that you want to see a ranking for.

In the example below, an ExampleBrand Backpack contains a separate ranking for both the Luggage & Bags and Backpacks categories. Select "Backpacks" and "AU" to see what its ranking is in Australia in the Backpacks category.

Ranking for Luggage & Bags

product_title ExampleBrand Backpack
ranking_country AU
ranking_category 5181
ranking_category_path Luggage & Bags
Rank 40
google_product_category 100
google_product_category_path Luggage & Bags > Backpacks

Ranking for Luggage & Bags > Backpacks

product_title ExampleBrand Backpack
ranking_country AU
ranking_category 100
ranking_category_path Luggage & Bags > Backpacks
rank 4
google_product_category 100
google_product_category_path Luggage & Bags > Backpacks