Shut down a notebook instance

You can shut down a notebook instance to stop any processing for the instance or to delete the instance.

To shut down a notebook instance, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cloud Console.

  2. Select Notebook instances.

  3. Select Open JupyterLab for the notebook that you want to open.

    It is important to stop all running processes in case there are operations that need to complete before you shut down your notebook instance. For example, I/O processes that are writing to disk.

    To stop running processes:

    1. Select the Open Tabs tab to show all of the processes running in the notebook instance.

      Select open tabs

    2. Stop each running process, ensuring that it ends safely.

  4. Close the browser tab or window for your notebook instance.

  5. Go to the Cloud Console. Select the notebook instance that you want to shut down, and then select Stop.

    Stop a notebook instance

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