Request Google Cloud machine resources with Vertex AI Pipelines

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You can run your Python component on Vertex AI Pipelines by using Google Cloud-specific machine resources offered by Vertex AI custom training.

You can use the create_custom_training_job_from_component method from the Google Cloud Pipeline Components to transform a Python component into a Vertex AI custom training job. Learn how to create a custom job.

Create a custom training job from a component using Vertex AI Pipelines

The following sample shows how to use the create_custom_training_job_from_component method to transform a Python component into a custom training job with user-defined Google Cloud machine resources, and then run the compiled pipeline on Vertex AI Pipelines:

import kfp
from kfp.v2 import dsl
from kfp.v2.dsl import component
from google_cloud_pipeline_components.v1.custom_job import create_custom_training_job_from_component

# Create a Python component
def my_python_component():
  import time

# Convert the above component into a custom training job
custom_training_job = create_custom_training_job_from_component(
    display_name = 'DISPLAY_NAME',
    machine_type = 'MACHINE_TYPE',

# Define a pipeline that runs the custom training job
  description="A simple pipeline that requests a Google Cloud machine resource",
def pipeline():
  training_job_task = custom_training_job(

Replace the following:

  • DISPLAY_NAME: The name of the custom job.

  • MACHINE_TYPE: The type of the machine for running the custom job—for example, e2-standard-4. For more information about machine types, see Machine types.

  • ACCELERATOR_TYPE: The type of accelerator attached to the machine. For more information about accelerator types, see Accelerator types.

  • ACCELERATOR_COUNT: The number of accelerators attached to the machine running the custom job.

  • PIPELINE_ROOT: Specify a Cloud Storage URI that your pipelines service account can access. The artifacts of your pipeline runs are stored within the pipeline root.

  • PROJECT_ID: The Google Cloud project that this pipeline runs in.

  • LOCATION: The location or region that this pipeline runs in.

API Reference

For a complete list of arguments supported by the create_custom_training_job_from_component method, see the Google Cloud Pipeline Components SDK Reference.