Create an annotation set

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How annotation sets are used in Vertex AI

An Annotation set contains the labels associated with the uploaded source files within a Dataset. An Annotation set is associated with a data type and an objective (for example, video/classification).

When creating a Dataset and importing your CSV (or JSON Lines ) file that contains labels, an annotation set is created and assigned the objective you selected at creation time. For example, if you select video as the data type and classification as the objective, an annotation set is created: dataset_name_vcn, where "vcn" stands for "video classification."

Create a new annotation set

In the Google Cloud console, you can create a new Annotation set for an existing Dataset.

  1. Select your project.
  2. Select Datasets.
  3. Select the dataset for which you want to create another annotation set.

    The Dataset appears.

Vertex AI dashboard

  1. Open the dropdown menu next to the Dataset name and select Create annotation set.
  2. Click Create annotation set.

    Create annotation set view appears.

  3. Enter the annotation set name.

  4. Select the objective.

  5. Click Create.

    The Dataset view appears with your new annotation set featured, and is now ready for labels to be added.

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