Cloud Datalab Pricing

There is no charge for using Google Cloud Datalab. However, you do pay for any Google Cloud Platform resources you use with Cloud Datalab, for example:

  • Compute resources: You incur costs for the Cloud Datalab VM instance (see Google Compute Engine Pricing. Note: You can minimize costs by stopping Cloud Compute Engine VM instances when you are not using them.
  • Storage resources: Notebooks are saved to Persistent Disk and backed up to Google Cloud Storage (see Persistent disk pricing and Cloud Storage pricing).
  • Data Analysis Services: You incur Google BigQuery costs when issuing SQL queries within Cloud Datalab notebooks (see BigQuery Pricing). Also, when you use Google Cloud Machine Learning, you may incur Cloud Machine Learning Engine and/or Google Cloud Dataflow charges.
  • Other resources: You may incur costs for other API requests you make within the Cloud Datalab notebook environment. These costs will vary by API.

See the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator for more information.

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