Options for the list command

This page describes the datalab list command.


datalab list [-h] [--filter FILTER] [--zones [ZONES [ZONES ...]]]
             [--project PROJECT] [--quiet]
             [--verbosity {debug,info,warning,error,critical,none}]

datalab list displays the Datalab instances running in Google Compute Engine VM's in a project.

By default, instances from all zones are listed. The results can be narrowed down by providing the --zones flag.



Show a help message and exit

--filter FILTER

Apply a Boolean filter EXPRESSION to each resource item to be listed.

If the expression evaluates True then that item is listed.

For more details run gcloud topic filters.

--zones [ZONES [ZONES ...]]

List of zones to which to limit the resulting list.

--project PROJECT

The Google Cloud Platform project name to use for this invocation.

If omitted then the current project is assumed.


Do not issue any interactive prompts

--verbosity {debug,info,warning,error,critical,none}

Override the default output verbosity for this command.


To list all of the available Datalab instances in a project:

$ datalab list

To only list the Datalab instances in the zones 'us-central1-a' and 'us-central1-b':

$ datalab list --zones us-central1-a,us-central1-b

To only list the Datalab instances that are currently running:

$ datalab list --filter 'status=RUNNING'