BigQuery Data Transfer Service

This document describes the Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service.


The BigQuery Data Transfer Service automates loading data into BigQuery from YouTube, Google AdWords, and DoubleClick.

When you create a data transfer, you do so in the BigQuery web UI or the partner-level REST API. Currently, data transfer creation is not supported in the CLI. For more information on using the BigQuery Transfer Service API, see BigQuery Data Transfer Service API.

Once you configure a data transfer, the BigQuery Data Transfer Service automatically schedules and manages recurring data loads from the source application into BigQuery. You can also update your data using data loads based on user-specified date ranges. When the source application adds a new report, modifies existing report formats, or updates the API, BigQuery Data Transfer Service updates to reflect the changes.

Supported data sources

Currently, the BigQuery Data Transfer Service supports the following reports:

For information on creating a data transfer for one of these data sources, see:


The following table lists the Google BigQuery API IAM roles with a corresponding list of all the BigQuery Data Transfer Service permissions each role includes.

Role includes permission(s): for resource type:
bigquery.transfers.get Project




For more information, see Access Control.


For more information on BigQuery Data Transfer Service pricing, see: BigQuery Data Transfer Service Pricing.

Once data is transferred to BigQuery, standard BigQuery storage and query pricing applies.


Before requesting support for the BigQuery Data Transfer Service, consult the BigQuery Data Transfer Service Transfer Setup Troubleshooting Guide.

If you need additional support, gather as much detail as possible, including:

  • Any error messages
  • Relevant screen captures
  • The Run Name of the failed transfer run (in the Run History, click the transfer run and note the Run Name details above the Log Messages section)

To request support:

  • For issues related to YouTube, DoubleClick, or Google AdWords reports, including report permissions, setup, format, and contents, contact the support team for the source application.
  • For issues related to billing, permissions, outages, and general Google Cloud Platform usage, refer to the Google Cloud Support page.
  • For questions on BigQuery Data Transfer Service pricing after the beta period, contact your Google Cloud Sales representative.

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