Listing models


This page shows you how to list BigQuery ML models in a dataset. You can list BigQuery ML models by:

  • Using the GCP Console
  • Using the bq ls CLI command
  • Calling the models.list API method directly or by using the client libraries

Required permissions

To list models in a dataset, you must be assigned the READER role on the dataset, or you must be assigned a project-level IAM role that includes bigquery.models.list permissions. If you are granted bigquery.models.list permissions at the project level, you can list tables in any dataset in the project. The following predefined, project-level IAM roles include bigquery.models.list permissions:

  • bigquery.dataViewer
  • bigquery.dataEditor
  • bigquery.dataOwner
  • bigquery.metadataViewer
  • bigquery.user
  • bigquery.admin

For more information on IAM roles and permissions in BigQuery ML, see Access control. For more information on dataset-level roles, see Primitive roles for datasets in the BigQuery documentation.

Listing models

To list models in a dataset:


  1. Go to the BigQuery web UI in the GCP Console.

    Go to the BigQuery web UI

  2. In the navigation panel, in the Resources section, click your project name.

  3. As you expand each of the datasets in a project, models are listed along with the other BigQuery resources in the datasets. Models are indicated by the model icon: model icon .


Issue the bq ls command with the --models or -m flag. The --format flag can be used to control the output. If you are listing models in a project other than your default project, add the project ID to the dataset in the following format: [PROJECT_ID]:[DATASET].

bq ls -m --format=pretty [PROJECT_ID]:[DATASET]


  • [PROJECT_ID] is your project ID.
  • [DATASET] is the name of the dataset.

The command output looks like the following when the --format=pretty flag is used. --format=pretty produces formatted table output. The Model Type column displays the model type, for example, KMEANS.

|           Id            | Model Type | Labels |  Creation Time  |
| mymodel                 | KMEANS     |        | 03 May 03:02:27 |


Enter the following command to list models in dataset mydataset in your default project.

bq ls --models --format=pretty mydataset

Enter the following command to list models in dataset mydataset in myotherproject. This command uses the -m shortcut to list models.

bq ls -m --format=pretty myotherproject:mydataset


To list models by using the API, call the models.list method and provide the projectId and datasetId.

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