Finding a service or API

Artificial intelligence (AI) services provide building blocks that developers can use to solve a particular machine learning (ML) problem. Services include APIs, pre-trained AutoML models that you can customize to suit your needs, and services that you can use to label your data.

This page shows you how to find a service on AI Hub to match your requirements. You can then click through to find further details and a guide to using the service.

Currently, AI services are available only in the public assets on AI Hub.

Find a service

Follow these steps to find the service that suits your requirements:

  1. Open your web browser and go to AI Hub.
  2. Browse or search for assets, then click Service under Category to filter the list of assets to display only services.
  3. Once you find the service or API you are interested in, click the service's name. AI Hub displays a description of the service and information on how to use it. For more information on how to find assets, read the guide to finding assets on AI Hub.
  4. Click Visit under Use this asset. The link takes you to the documentation for the service that you selected.

What's next