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Speaker ID

Leverage ML based voice identification to identify and verify users.

  • Quickly identify users with just their voice

  • Increase security with an extra layer of verification

  • Reduce user frustration by eliminating pins and passcodes


Call-center ready with Dialogflow CX integration

Identify callers to your Dialogflow virtual agent automatically with Speaker ID.

Increase customer satisfaction

PINs and passwords can be frustrating for users. Securely identify them without requiring complicated processes.

Increase security and decrease fraud

Leverage Speaker ID as an additional form of authentication to increase customer security and keep out fraudsters.

Key features

Key features

Quick enrollment

Quickly enroll your user's voice print with as little as 10 seconds of audio. Enrollment audio and voice print are stored securely on Google’s servers and can even be encrypted with your own key.

Easy identification and verification

Verify users quickly and easily with as little as three seconds of audio. Simply send the audio with up to five voice print IDs to get identification and verification results.

Challenge phrases

Increase security by asking users to speak a “challenge phrase” while verifying. This phrase is unique every time and decreases the likelihood of replay attacks.

Dialogflow integration

Speaker ID is natively integrated with Dialogflow CX and can be used as part of any virtual agent flow. Simply import our preconfigured agents for enrollment or verification.

Use cases


Use case
Reducing customer wait time

Enable customers to bypass complicated passcodes or hard-to-remember passwords with voice authentication while eliminating traditional time-consuming methods.


Speaker ID pricing details

Pricing for Speaker ID is based on verification per request.

Item Price
Enrollment Free
Verification $0.01 per request