Learning from a technical guide

The technical guides on AI Hub demonstrate how to implement complex artificial intelligence (AI) use cases. These guides combine services, infrastructure, and custom code to implement complete solutions. By following the technical guides on AI Hub, you learn best practices that you can leverage when designing an AI system.

This page shows you how to find a technical guide on AI Hub. Currently, technical guides are available only in the public assets on AI Hub.

Find a technical guide

Follow these steps to find a technical guide on AI Hub:

  1. Open your web browser and go to AI Hub.
  2. Browse or search for assets, then click Technical guide under Category to filter the list of assets to display only technical guides.
  3. Once you find the technical guide you are interested in, click the guide's name. AI Hub displays a description of the technical guide and information on how to use it. For more information on how to find assets, read the guide to finding assets on AI Hub.
  4. One or more options for using this guide are listed under Use this asset.

    • Click Documentation to open and read this technical guide.
    • Click Source code to open the source code repository used in this technical guide.

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