AutoML Vision enables you to train custom machine learning models to classify images into a custom set of categories. Prices for usage of AutoML Vision are computed based on the amount of training required (in hours), the amount of human labeling you request, and how many images you send for classification.

Prices are listed in US Dollars (USD).

Training costs

The cost for AutoML Vision model training depends on the number of compute hours used to train the model. The accuracy of your model generally depends on how long you allow it to train and the quality of your training dataset. You pay only for the compute hours used; if you cancel training, you only pay for the compute hours used.

A compute hour represents internal compute usage, and therefore does not exactly match an actual hour on the clock.

You receive one hour of free training per model for up to 10 models each month. Subsequent training hours are USD$20 per hour. If you resume training of an existing model, the training costs USD$20 per hour.

Many customers find that one hour is sufficient to build an experimental model and use additional training hours to increase accuracy to a production level.

Human labeling costs

You can leverage a human labeling service to label your images. The human labeling service is limited to 5000 images per task and is priced as marked.

Service Number of raters Cost
Free tier (first 100 images per month) 3 Free
Basic tier 1 USD$35 per 1000 images
Basic tier 3 USD$100 per 1000 images
Premium tier Contact a partner for a quote

For the Free tier and Basic tiers, your dataset can have up to 20 labels, and each image can take up to 10 seconds to label.

Classification prediction costs

Your usage of AutoML Vision is calculated in terms of how many images you send to AutoML Vision for prediction. The pricing is tiered: the first 1000 images sent each month are free, images 1001 to 5,000,000 are priced as marked.

Feature 0 - 1000 1001 - 5M More than 5M
Image classification prediction Free $3.00 per 1000 images Contact Sales for volume discounts

Google Cloud Platform costs

Since you store images to be analyzed in Google Cloud Storage, and may use other Google Cloud Platform resources in tandem with the AutoML Vision, such as Google App Engine instances, then you will also be billed for the use of those services. See the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to determine other costs based on current rates.

To view your current billing status in the Cloud Console, including usage and your current bill, see the Billing page. For more details about managing your account, see the Cloud Billing Documentation or Billing and Payments Support.

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