Before you begin

If you haven't already done so, Install Google Cloud SDK, which includes the gcloud command-line tool used in this quickstart.

Steps to set up and open Cloud Datalab

From a terminal window on your local machine:

  1. Install the gcloud datalab component.
    gcloud components install datalab
  2. Create a Cloud Datalab instance. The name of the instance must start with a lowercase letter, followed by up to 63 lowercase letters, numbers, or hyphens, and cannot end with a hyphen.
    datalab create datalab-instance-name
  3. Open the Cloud Datalab home page in your browser.

Clean up

To avoid incurring charges to your Google Cloud Platform account for the resources used in this quickstart:

  1. Delete your Cloud Datalab instance when you are finished exploring Cloud Datalab.
    datalab delete instance-name

What's next

  1. Browse the /datalab/docs/intro Cloud Datalab notebook folder to become familiar with the capabilities of Cloud Datalab. You will find tutorials and samples for using Google Cloud Platform services and for performing common data analysis tasks.
  2. You can view the datalab server VM logs with the Cloud Platform Console logs viewer.
  3. Read Cloud Datalab How-to Guides.
  4. Learn more about the options available in the datalab command line tool by running datalab --help.
  5. Learn about Using Datalab in a team environment.

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