Respond to Pending Actions from Your Workdesk

Your Workdesk provides a place where you can respond quickly. You can view the attached message and then decide how to respond to an action related to a Playbook.

To respond to a Pending Action:

  1. Navigate to Your Workdesk > Pending Actions.
  2. Click Respond. The Respond side drawer opens with details regarding the Playbook step. If enabled by the Admin, a ticker shows how much time you have left to respond.
  3. If you are a standard user, you can click either Execute or Skip.
    1. If you click Execute, the action is approved.
    2. If you click Skip, the action is skipped over and the Playbook carries on running.
  4. As a collaborator user, you can click either Approve or Decline, and then click Save.
    1. If you click Approve, the status for the Pending Action is updated to Action Approved.
    2. If you click Decline, a dialog box opens. Enter the reason you declined the action. This is added to the Case wall. The status for Pending Action is updated to Action Declined.

Viewing the Case

If you would like to see more information before responding, you can click View Case. The case page opens and allows you to view all the case details and manually approve or decline this action.