Allow Google Support to access your platform

At times the only way to troubleshoot problems on the customer's platform is to allow Google Support to create a user to access your instance.

To enable Google Support to access your instance:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Support Access.
  2. Toggle the Enable Access to on.
  3. Choose the required SOC Role, Permission Group and Environments. These settings determine what the Google User can access. Make sure that the permission group you choose has the correct edit/view settings for the modules they need to access.
  4. Select the time period. This should match the time period you defined in your local Settings. The time period specifies the amount of time the Support user has access to your system. If you specify a longer time period and the Google Support user has finished the job, you can toggle off the Support Access which will delete the user. The maximum setting is one month, but you can edit it to add more time.
  5. Click Save. The details are saved and used to create users for Google Support. Once the user is created, they appear on the screen.
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