Open incident from Incident Manager

Once an administrator has opened a critical incident, it can then be updated in real time with priority rating changing according to circumstance.

Open an incident

  1. Navigate to the Incident Manager module and click add Add Incident on the left to create a new incident.
  2. Select the required environment from the menu. Then, click Open. The incident is created.
  3. At the top of the screen, click New Incident, and type in the name of the incident. For example, Rogue Attack.
  4. Click Edit and enter the Incident Description. For example, Hacker attempted to infiltrate system.
  5. Enter the Severity Score — from 0 to 100 — where 100 is the highest level. You can (and should) change the Severity Score throughout the investigation, containment and action phases. A graph is displayed on the Dashboard showing the changes in Severity Score over time.
  6. In the Critical Impacts section, click add to add in all the possible ways this incident will impact on the company – both actual and potential.
  7. In the Risks section, click add to add in all the potential hazards.
  8. Under the What are we doing heading, summarize the Main Strategy your company is taking to handle this crisis.
  9. Under the Operation Status heading, click add to add in status updates from all the relevant departments (you will take and summarize these updates from the Workstation once people start to work on the incident).
  10. Under the Intelligence heading, select the Type of incident: Unknown, Attack, or Failure (where failure indicates a problem with the company's infrastructure).
  11. Select the Range: Unknown, Targeted (aimed at specific individuals in the company), or OpportunityBased.
  12. Write down the Motivation for the attack (as far as you can tell).
  13. Add Information that you have so far about the case.
  14. Add all the Missing information that you are still hoping to acquire.
  15. Click Save when done.

Close an incident

  1. Click list Menu and select Close Incident.
  2. Add in a comment in the Close Incident dialog and click Save.