Invite collaborators to Incident Manager

After opening a new incident, the next stage is to invite the relevant people – both from within and outside your company – to work together on containing and eradicating the crisis.

Add users to the Incident Manager

  1. In the Incident Manager module, click Manage Collaboration.
  2. In the Collaborators dialog, click add Add Collaborator.
  3. Fill out the relevant information in the Add Collaborator dialog to create the new user.
  4. addcollaborator
  5. The user is created and added and will receive an email with the link to enter the Incident Manager. (You might want to message them to be on the lookout for it).
  6. Once the user clicks on the link, they will need to fill out their details in the form including a password, and once logged in, will be directed to the Dashboard. From there, they can also access the Workstation to add in their input and information.