What types of user groups are there?

There are five types of user groups:

  • Standard Users Group: regular users who can be given various Permissions and have Edit rights to as much or as little of the platform as you decide.

  • View-Only Users Group: users who can only view certain parts of the platform depending on the Permissions you assign them.

  • Collaborator Users Group: users who can be assigned to edit/view various Platform modules, depending on the Permissions you give them.

  • Managed Users Group: users who are similar to collaborator users. They have full case management permissions and therefore are capable of running Hybrid SOC model together with the MSSP. Note that Managed users have no access to edit playbooks.

  • Managed-Plus Users Group: users who have the same full case management permissions as the managed user plus the ability to build and edit playbooks on their own environment.