Create a test case

A test case allows you to treat a case like it's in a sandbox. Any actions that you perform on its entities do not influence entities in other cases. Test cases only contain the alert that was created in the event and uses existing data to populate it. You can use a test case to run the Playbook simulator on or test in the IDE page.

  1. In the platform, navigate to the Cases page.
  2. Drill down to the required case and navigate to the alert tab.
  3. Click more_vert Alert Options on the right side of the alert tab. Click Ingest alert as test case in the Alert Options menu that displays.
  4. Select the required environment and click Simulate.
  5. Refresh the page and a test case appears in the Cases Queue on the left or in the List View table. It is marked with the label, Test, in the top right corner of the Case Card. The test case only contains one alert.
  6. You can now use this test case in the Playbook Simulator or in the IDE testing page. Note that updating entity properties on a test case won't influence the entity outside of the test case.