Using dynamic variables in Email HTML templates

This article covers a really cool way to get the most out of the Email HTML templates  when building Playbooks or using templates in other places. Basically, you create the Email HTML template with a fixed subject header and even a title, then use the {Text} as a placeholder for content that the Playbook builder then adds manually when creating a playbook. 

Let's take a look at how this works: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Environments > Email HTML templates.
  2. Add a new template and give it a name. For this example we will call it Testing Text Option. Make sure to change the title to something that sounds appropriate and make sure the placeholder {Text} is in there.


  3. Go to the Playbook you are building and drag in a Send Email action.
  4. In order to choose the specific template, click the drop-down and select the Testing Text Option.
  5. In the Content field - write down the body of your email - this will be inserted instead of the {Text} placeholder when the email is sent out.

  6. Once the alert is ingested into the platform and the Playbook runs, the following email will be sent to the recipient.