Open incident from Cases page

While working on a case, you might realize that the case is actually a critical incident and needs to be handled by multiple teams in a cross functional collaboration. In such a situation, you want to change the case to an Incident Manager incident.

Open an incident from the Cases page

  1. Select the required case in the Cases page.
  2. Click format_list_bulleted Case Actions and select Open in Incident Manager from the menu.
  3. incidentmanagercases1
  4. Fill out the incident details, including name and description. Add in any critical impact to the company or potential risk factors that you can think of. You can always edit anything later on once the incident has been opened in the Incident Manager. Click Next when done to move to the next step of the wizard.
  5. All the comments that were on the case wall will appear in the Comments step. Select the comments that you want to carry over along with the incident and click Next.
  6. All the attachments that were on the case wall will appear in the Attachments step. Select the attachments that are important enough to be carried over to the Incident Manager and click Next.
  7. All the tasks that were on the case wall appear in the Tasks step. If you select a task that belongs to a specific user and click Open Incident Manager – you will receive a warning message that moving the task will also automatically appoint this user as an official collaborator on this incident to the Incident Manager.
  8. Click Confirm on the Warning Message and then click again on Open Incident Manager. The incident now opens in the Incident Manager.
  9. incidentmanagerend