This legacy version of AutoML Vision is deprecated and will no longer be available on Google Cloud after January 23, 2024. All the functionality of legacy AutoML Vision and new features are available on the Vertex AI platform. See Migrate to Vertex AI to learn how to migrate your resources.


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Input configuration for datasets.importData action.

See Preparing your training data for more information.


If any of the provided CSV files can't be parsed or if more than certain percent of CSV rows cannot be processed then the operation fails and nothing is imported. Regardless of overall success or failure the per-row failures, up to a certain count cap, will be listed in Operation.metadata.partial_failures.

JSON representation
  "params": {
    string: string,
  "gcsSource": {

map (key: string, value: string)

Additional domain-specific parameters describing the semantic of the imported data, any string must be up to 25000 characters long.



The Google Cloud Storage location for the input content.