Quickstarts for Working with Client Libraries

The Google APIs Client Libraries provide access to many Google APIs, including Google Cloud Storage. The libraries are designed for client application developers and offer simple, flexible, powerful API access. When you use these libraries, your apps benefit from better language integration, improved security, and support for making authenticated calls.

If you are new to using the libraries, start with the examples in JSON APIs Examples, which walk you through using selected libraries, showing you how to configure your environment to run the examples.

If you are familiar with using the libraries, you can download the client libraries directly (see Samples and Libraries), and start working with them. You can also save time by generating a quickstart for selected languages. Quickstarts guide you through selecting a platform (for example, command-line or Google App Engine) and then customize the instructions and download for a project you select.

Available quickstarts:

For more information, see the Google APIs Client Libraries documentation.

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