Cloud Storage interoperability

This page describes various Cloud Storage tools that you can use to work with data stored in other cloud providers.

Using the XML API

The Cloud Storage XML API is interoperable with some cloud storage tools and libraries that work with services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). To use these tools and libraries, change the request endpoint that the tool or library uses to the Cloud Storage URI, and configure the tool or library to use your Cloud Storage HMAC keys. For detailed instructions on migrating from Amazon S3 to Cloud Storage, see Migrating from Amazon S3 to Cloud Storage.

V4 signing process

When using the V4 signing process to create signed requests for Cloud Storage resources, you can perform the signing with an RSA signature or sign using your Amazon S3 workflow and HMAC credentials.

Using the gsutil command line

The gsutil tool lets you access Cloud Storage from the command line. It can also be used to access and work with other cloud storage services that use HMAC authentication, like Amazon S3. For example, after you add your Amazon S3 credentials to the .boto configuration file for gsutil, you can start using gsutil to manage objects in your Amazon S3 buckets. The following command lists the objects in the Amazon S3 bucket example-bucket:

gsutil ls s3://example-bucket

The following command synchronizes data between an Amazon S3 bucket and a Cloud Storage bucket:

gsutil rsync -d -r s3://my-aws-bucket gs://example-bucket

For more information, including details on how to set up gsutil to optimize this synchronization, see the gsutil rsync documentation.

Amazon S3 bucket names containing dots

If you attempt to use gsutil to access a Amazon S3 bucket that contains a dot in its name, you might receive an invalid certificate error. This is because Amazon S3 does not support virtual-hosted bucket URLs with dots in their name. You can configure gsutil to attempt to use path-style bucket URLs when working with Amazon S3 resources by adding the following entry to your .boto configuration file for gsutil:

calling_format = boto.s3.connection.OrdinaryCallingFormat

Using the Storage Transfer Service

Storage Transfer Service enables you to easily import large amounts of online data into Cloud Storage from Amazon S3 buckets, Microsoft Azure Storage containers, and general HTTP/HTTPS locations. Storage Transfer Service can be used to schedule recurring transfers, delete source objects, and select which objects are transferred.

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