Bandwidth usage in Cloud Storage

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This page discusses how to monitor the bandwidth used by your Cloud Storage buckets and how to request additional bandwidth if you need more than the default bandwidth quota.

Bandwidth monitoring

Cloud Storage provides bandwidth monitoring for you to track bandwidth usage from your project's buckets to other Google Cloud services. Bandwidth monitoring is aggregated by region and tracks usage for the last 30 days. Bandwidth monitoring is not available for multi-regions.

In order to be tracked by bandwidth monitoring:

  • You must have the Cloud Storage service enabled for your project.

  • The usage must be by Google Cloud resources other than Cloud Storage buckets.

  • If the bucket is located in a region, the usage must be by resources located in the same region.

  • If the bucket is located in a dual-region, the usage must be by resources located in either of the regions that makes up the dual-region.

  • The usage must be either from the JSON API GET Object method or the XML API GET Object method.

To view bandwidth monitoring:

Open Cloud Storage bandwidth monitoring

Multi-region monitoring

While bandwidth monitoring for multi-regions is not available, you can use the network/sent_bytes_count metric as an approximation. When doing so, keep in mind the following:

  • network/sent_bytes_count uses bytes in its measurements, whereas typical networking metrics often use bits. For example, a 1 GiB/s measurement for network/sent_bytes_count is equivalent to 8 Gib/s.

  • network/sent_bytes_count tracks all the traffic sent over the network, not only egress to Google Cloud services.

  • network/sent_bytes_count metrics are sampled every 60 seconds. If the traffic is spiky, it's possible that requests are throttled for a short period of time even though the average egress over 60 seconds is below the limit.

Request more bandwidth

The following instructions apply when requesting bandwidth of up to 1 Tbps for Cloud Storage regions:

  1. Make sure you have enabled the Cloud Storage service

  2. In the Google Cloud console, go to the IAM Quotas page.

    Go to Browser

  3. Search for the metric, and select the resource.

  4. Toggle the checkbox for the desired location.

  5. Click Edit Quotas.

  6. Enter your requested quota and business justification.

  7. Click Submit Request.

For bandwidth requirements greater than 1 Tbps, contact your Technical Account Manager or Google representative for pricing information.

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