Samples and Libraries for Google Cloud Storage

The libraries discussed on this page provide application developers flexible and powerful access to the Google Cloud Storage JSON API. Using the libraries you can create apps with better language integration, improved security, and support for easily making authenticated calls. There are two client libraries you can use with Cloud Storage:

  • Google API Client Libraries — Auto-generated libraries used for creating applications that work across many Google APIs, including Google Cloud Storage. These libraries give you more flexibility, but are less optimized for Google Cloud Storage JSON API.

  • Google Cloud Client Libraries — Hand-written libraries used for creating applications built on Google Cloud Platform services. These libraries are optimized Cloud Platform APIs like the Google Cloud Storage JSON API.

Client libraries can use Application Default Credentials to easily authenticate with Google APIs and send requests to those APIs. With Application Default Credentials, you can test your application locally and deploy it without changing the underlying code. For more information, including code samples, see Google Cloud Platform Auth Guide.

If you are looking for information about how to access the Google Cloud Storage XML API, see the XML API Examples.

Google API Client Libraries

Google APIs Client Libraries are auto-generated libraries designed to cover many Google APIs, including Cloud Storage. They provide a generic wrapper of service REST APIs. These libraries are useful when you are working across different programming languages and APIs, or you have existing code that you want to connect to Cloud Storage.

Library status (e.g., alpha or beta) is shown in the first column, in parentheses. If no status is shown, it means that the library is generally available. If there are Storage samples for the libraries, they are listed are in the Cloud Storage Samples column. If a storage-specific sample does not exist for a library, you can still use that library by adapting one of the general samples listed in the Reference Documentation column.

All libraries support simple uploads. Support for multipart and resumable uploads varies. See the library documentation in the Reference Documentation column for more information.

Client library Cloud Storage Samples
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Reference Documentation
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Google API Client Library for Go (alpha) Go sample
Google API Client Library for Java Java sample
Google API Client Library for JavaScript (beta)
Google API Client Library for .NET .NET sample
Google API Client Library for Node.js (alpha)  
Google API Client Library for Objective-C for REST  
Google API Client Library for PHP (beta) PHP sample
Google API Client Library for Python Python sample
Google API Client Library for Ruby (alpha) Ruby sample

In addition to the Google-supported client libraries listed above, a set of third-party Dart libraries (with samples) is available for the Dart language.

Google Cloud Client Libraries

Google Cloud Client Libraries are hand-crafted (not generated) libraries that provide an optimized developer experience for accessing Google Cloud Platform services like Google Cloud Storage. For more information about using these libraries in comparison to the API Client Libraries described above, see Google Cloud Client Libraries in the Cloud SDK Documentation.

You can find examples of using the libraries to access Google Cloud Storage in the Getting Started and Library Reference links in the following table.

Other ways to access Cloud Storage

The table below lists some other convenient ways to access the Google Cloud Storage JSON API.

Access method Description
APIs Explorer An interactive tool that lets you easily try out Google APIs right from your browser. The APIs Explorer helps you create authenticated and authorized requests for any method and see responses in real time.
Google Plugin for Eclipse A plugin that makes it easier to use Google APIs in Eclipse, include the Google Cloud Storage JSON API.
gsutil Tool The gsutil Tool is a Python application that lets you access Google Cloud Storage from the command line. gsutil enables you to quickly perform a wide range of bucket and object management tasks.

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