Getting support

This page provides some ways to get help with AutoML Tables. If you are experiencing issues, make sure you check the Known issues page.

Get a Google support package

Google Cloud offers different support packages to meet different needs, such as 24/7 coverage, phone support, and access to a technical support manager. For more information, see Google Cloud Support.

Get support from the community

Ask questions about AutoML Tables or get support

Join the cloud-automl-tables-discuss Google group to discuss or ask questions about AutoML Tables. If you want information about an issue you are seeing, please include your project ID and the dataset or model ID.

File bugs or feature requests

To file a bug or a feature request, create an issue in Issue tracker. If your issue contains Personally identifiable information (PII), you can use this private Issue tracker component.

For documentation issues, click Send feedback on the documentation page you want to provide feedback about.