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Automatically build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models on structured data.

Machine learning on structured data at speed and scale

AutoML Tables enables your entire team of data scientists, analysts, and developers to automatically build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models on structured data at massively increased speed and scale. Transform your business by leveraging your enterprise data to tackle mission-critical tasks like supply chain management, fraud detection, lead conversion optimization, and increasing customer lifetime value.

Increases model quality

Produce state-of-the art models (see features for more details) with one click. We automatically search through Google’s model zoo for structured data to find the best model for your needs, ranging from linear/logistic regression models for simpler datasets to advanced deep, ensemble, and architecture-search methods for larger, more complex ones.

Handles data as found in the wild

AutoML Tables automates feature engineering on a wide range of tabular data primitives—such as numbers, classes, strings, timestamps, and lists—and also helps you detect and take care of missing values, outliers, and other common data issues.

Easy-to-build models

Our codeless interface guides users through the full end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, making it easy for anyone on your team to build models and reliably incorporate them into broader applications. We provide extensive input data and model behavior explainability features, along with guardrails to prevent common mistakes. AutoML Tables is also available in API and notebook environments.

Easy-to-deploy and scale models

AutoML Tables uses Google’s low-latency serving infrastructure, which makes deploying machine learning models extremely easy, regardless of production workload volume and global reach.

Saves time

AutoML Tables reduces the time it takes to go from raw data to top-quality, production-ready machine learning models from months to just a few days.

Saves money

AutoML Tables doesn’t require a large annual licensing fee. It’s priced based on compute and memory usage, so you’ll only get charged for what you actually use.

AutoML Tables and your business

Leverage your enterprise data to address a whole host of mission-critical challenges.

Retail: Maximize your revenue

Better predict customer demand so you can preemptively fill gaps in your portfolio and maximize your revenue by optimizing product distribution, promotions, and pricing.

Finance: Optimize your portfolio

Foresee and optimize your policyholder portfolio’s risk and return by zeroing in on the potential for large claims and likelihood of fraud.

Marketing: Understand your customer

What’s your average customer’s lifetime value? Make the most of your marketing spend by using AutoML Tables to estimate predicted purchasing value, volume, frequency, lead conversion probability, and churn likelihood.

How AutoML Tables works

The speed, precision, and scale of AutoML Tables allowed Fox Sports to create an entirely new experience for millions of cricket fans across Australia. By training our model on the multiple variables of historical cricket matches we could predict when wickets would fall 5 minutes before it happened on the pitch. This new feature became a fundamental part of our marketing strategy through integrating AutoML with App Engine and Cloud Dataflow to transform every customer touchpoint. We’ve showcased cricket like never before with user engagement up 140% vs industry averages and the marketing for this activity delivering 150% more subscribers per dollar spent by communicating to fans in the right place at the right time.

Chris Pocock, Marketing Director, Fox Sports



Free trial: You can try AutoML Tables for free by using 6 free node hours each for training and for batch prediction, per billing account. Your free node hours are issued right before you create your first model, and you have up to one year to use them.

For more detailed information, please view the pricing guide.

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