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Use this page to determine how to get help with Google Cloud Storage, including getting help with reporting a bug or asking questions on Stack Overflow.

To get started using Google Cloud Storage, see Getting Started: Using the Cloud Platform Console or Getting Started: Using the gsutil Tool.

Support & help

Google Cloud Platform Support Packages provide a range of customized technical support options for customers of all sizes and needs. Bronze support is available for all customers free of charge and includes access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support. Paid technical support packages are also available.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with Google Cloud Storage, please first read the FAQ. If you still need help, you can post your question to Stack Overflow. Along with the large and active Stack Overflow community, our team will be actively monitoring your posts and answering questions with the tag google-cloud-storage.

If you have product or documentation feedback, you can click "Send feedback" near the top right of a page on the Google Cloud Storage Documentation. This will open a feedback form. Your comments will be reviewed by the Google Cloud Storage team.

To help us diagnose any issues you encounter, please provide these details in addition to the description of your question:

  • The resource you are attempting to access, bucket name and object name.

  • The operation you attempted, for example, GET or PUT.

  • The time and date, including timezone, at which you encountered the problem.

  • The tool or library you use to interact with Google Cloud Storage.

If you can use gsutil to reproduce your issue, specify the -D option to display your request's HTTP details. Provide these details with your post to the forum as they can help us further troubleshoot your issue.

Google Cloud Storage is designed to give you flexibility and control over your data, and Google maintains strict controls over the processing and purging of deleted data. However, if you delete an object, the operation cannot be undone unless your have configured object versioning on your bucket(s). Google Cloud Storage buckets that have Object Versioning turned on maintain an archive of objects, providing a way to un-delete data that you accidentally deleted, or to retrieve older versions of your data.

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Billing issues and support

To view help topics related to billing and account issues, see the Google Cloud Platform Console Help Billing section.

If you have questions regarding your billing, you can request help with the billing support form.

To cancel billing, go to the Billing page of a project in the Google Cloud Platform Console. For more information, see Modify a project's billing settings in the Google Cloud Platform Console Help.

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If you have API, tool usage, or other software development-related questions, search for and post questions on Stack Overflow, using the official google-cloud-storage tag.

To receive Google Cloud Storage announcements, join the gs-announce group. Subscribe via email:

Before submitting a request to a discussion group, try the following:

  1. Read the FAQ. Many frequently asked Google Cloud Storage questions are already addressed in the FAQ.

  2. Enter one or more keywords of your question in the search box at the top of this page. Relevant results from the documentation pages on the Google Developers site are returned as well as relevant blog entries.

  3. Search the Stack Overflow questions with the google-cloud-storage tag to see whether your questions have already been discussed.

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For helpful videos relating to Google Cloud Storage, including how-tos and overviews, see the videos section of the Videos, Samples, and Articles page.

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Samples and articles

For useful code samples and articles that go more in-depth with Google Cloud Storage, see the samples and articles section of the Videos, Samples, and Articles page.

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