Three-tier Architecture

Build a three-tier web app

Quickly and securely create a web app using three-tier architecture with a frontend, middle tier, and backend (PostgreSQL database).
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Who this is for
Developers and Cloud learners
What you’ll deploy
A sample three-tier web application with open source code on Google Cloud for learning purposes
How you’ll deploy
Once you’ve signed up for Google Cloud, you can deploy through the console.

What is three-tier architecture?

The three-tier application architecture is a modular client-server architecture that consists of 3 tiers which are independent of each other and function together to deliver the experience.

What are the three tiers of the three-tier architecture?

The three tiers are: web tier (or frontend, presentation tier, or user interface), application tier (or middle tier), and the data tier (or backend).

How does three-tier architecture work?

The web tier offers a graphical user interface (GUI), which displays information to and collects information from the users. The application tier handles the business logic and processes user inputs. The database tier is where the information is stored and managed.

What are examples of a three-tier architecture?

A three-tier architecture is one of the most popular implementations for building web applications. For example, typical business applications such as e-commerce websites and banking apps are often built using three-tier application architecture.

What are the benefits of three-tier architecture?

Since each tier is independent, you can develop, update, and scale one tier without impacting the others. Independent developer teams can develop concurrently on each tier and scale and ship features independently, which leads to faster development and feature delivery. It also helps with data integrity and security due to the fact that the client does not have access to the database directly.
Solution Details

Create a three-tier web application

Create a three-tier web application quickly and securely using Google Cloud services such as Cloud Run and Cloud SQL.

Solution Architecture
  1. User requests are sent to the frontend, which is deployed to a Cloud Run service as containers to support high-scalability applications.
  2. The request is then forwarded to the middle tier, which is the API layer that provides access to the backend. This is also deployed on Cloud Run for scalability and ease of deployment in multiple languages. The middle tier is a Golang-based API.
  3. Frequent requests are cached in Memorystore for Redis for serving the request fast in-memory. The response is then served to the user.
  4. For new requests from the users, Cloud SQL provides the backend as the database layer. The response is then served to the user.
Create a three-tier web app
Google Cloud Experience Level
Estimated deployment time
14 min
2 min to configure, 12 min to deploy
New customers get $300 in free credits to fully explore and conduct an assessment of Google Cloud.
  • Active Google Cloud account
  • Administrator rights to your project
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