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Google announces new U.S. Public Sector subsidiary. Read the story.
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Google Cloud for the Department of Defense

Google Cloud supports the critical missions of our military and national security personnel around the world by providing them with the most secure, reliable, innovative cloud solutions. 


Solving your mission-critical needs with Google Cloud

Speed the adoption of innovation with Google, a cloud-native company and a recognized leader in AI/ML, advanced analytics, productivity, Zero Trust, cybersecurity, and more.

Open ecosystems with an API-first approach

Design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs with visibility and control. Complements Istio and Envoy by extending API management natively into the microservices stack. 

This managed application platform lets you upgrade apps faster and gain operational consistency across multiple data centers and cloud service providers.

Advanced Networking. Easily connect on-premises, Google Cloud, and other cloud enterprise networks. Manage them as spokes through a single centralized logical hub. 

Accelerate AI adoption for your mission

Use our AI/ML platform to detect corrosion of interest locations on aircraft, buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure across the Department of Defense.

AutoML enables users and developers with limited ML expertise to build high-quality models specific to their business needs in just minutes, using no code. 

R&D and prototyping solution that meets your enterprise security, governance, and scalability requirements and gives technologists the latest software and tools.

Keep your data secure with Zero Trust

Container-based solution for secure application access and monitoring uses Anthos to provide a highly responsive alternative to government network boundary systems.

BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google’s Zero Trust model, shifts access controls to individual users to enable secure work from almost anywhere without a traditional VPN. 

Security and risk management platform featuring near-real time asset discovery, inventory, threat prevention and threat detection.

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Achieving the mission of the DoD, together

Our trusted industry partners can help DoD organizations solve your most complex organizational challenges.


Protect your data with multilayered security

The core of the DoD’s mission is defending our country. At Google Cloud, we do our part by protecting your most sensitive data with our best-in-class security solutions. As a pioneer of Zero Trust architectures, Google Cloud brings defense-in-depth to meet today's evolving cyber challenges. Google Cloud's advanced multilayer security architecture, encryption by default, and flexible policy enforcement protect federal government data without the compromises of traditional “government clouds.”

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