Receiving payments from Google

Each month, Google computes how much your customers paid for your products, and what Google owes you. You receive your payouts typically on the 21st of every month. This page walks you through enrolling for payments, and setting up your payment methods.

Google Cloud Marketplace also generates reports that you can use to reconcile the payments you receive, and to get information about how your customers are deploying your solution. Learn about these reports in Reports for your Google Cloud Marketplace products.

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Before you begin

Setting up your payments profile

If this is the first time you're integrating with Google Cloud Marketplace, you must set up your payments profile after your partner agreement is final.

To receive your payments, follow these steps:

  1. On the Partner payments page, select the region and currency that you receive your payments in (see the list of supported regions and currencies). The region and currency must match the country of your legal entity. After you select your region and currency, click Continue.

    Open the Payments page

  2. On the Payment info page, you must create your payments profile. In the Customer info section, add your business name and contact details, then click Continue to finish signing up for payments.

    If you encounter an error message which says that your Google account is not authorized to use Google Payments, follow the steps at Turn Google Payments on or off to turn on Google Payments for your account.

Next, you must set up a bank account for your payments, as described in the following sections.

Setting up your bank account

To receive your payouts, you must set up a primary bank account. You can add more accounts to your payments profile, but you can only receive payments through your primary bank account.

In the following steps, if you encounter the following error messages, take the recommended steps:

  • Unable to find the resource you requested: Make sure the Google Cloud project that you selected has access to Partner Portal or Producer Portal.
  • OR-AC-02: Contact your payments admin to request access.
  • OR-BAIH01: Contact the Marketplace business operations team for assistance with adding your payment method.

For additional support, email with details, including any error messages you might have received.

To set up your bank account:

  1. On the Payments page, click Manage payment methods.

    Open the Payments page

  2. Click Add payment method, and add the details for your bank account.

  3. If you want this payment method to be the primary payment method, select Set as primary payment method.

  4. Click Save. To receive payments, you must verify your bank account by signing in to your bank's website and confirming test deposits made by Google.

  5. If you need to add another bank account, repeat these steps.

You can view the bank accounts that you manage in the Google Payments Center.

Controlling access to payment profiles

You can add more users to the payments profile that you manage. By default, the users you add receive emails about payments. You can also give them access to the Payments page, your payment history, and permissions to edit your payments profile.

Before adding a user, ensure that the user has read access to your product's Google Cloud project, which they can be granted as a Project Viewer (roles/viewer). To manage access to the project, see Granting, changing and revoking access to resources.

To add users to your payment profile:

  1. On the Payments page, click Manage settings.

    Open the Payments page

  2. Under Payments Users, click Manage payments users.

  3. Click Add new user, and enter the contact information for the user.

  4. To choose the user's level of access, expand Permissions, and choose the permissions you want to grant to the user.

  5. To choose the types of emails the user gets, expand Email preferences.

  6. If you want to make the user the primary contact for your organization, select the Primary contact check box.

(US only) Add your tax information to your payments profile

If you are in the United States, you must also add your Form W-9 tax information to receive your payments.

  1. On the Payments page, click Manage settings.

    Open the Payments page

  2. Under Payments profile, click United States tax info.

  3. Add or update your Form W-9 tax information, then click Submit. Your tax information is sent to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for verification.

Viewing your payments

To view your transactions, open the Payments page, and click View transactions. You also get a monthly usage and disbursement report that shows the usage and revenue for your products.

Supported regions and currencies

Region Currency
Canada CAD
Finland EUR
France EUR
Germany EUR
Hong Kong HKD
India USD
Ireland EUR
Israel ILS
Italy EUR
Japan JPY
Norway NOK
Poland PLN
Romania EUR
Saudi Arabia USD
Sweden SEK
Switzerland CHF
United Kingdom GBP
United States USD