Managing private offers

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This page explains how to complete the following tasks for Private Offers, version 2.

View offer status

To view the status of your private offers, go to Producer Portal's Private Offers page in the Google Cloud console.

You see a table with all of your offers. To understand the state of each offer, view the offer's Status column:

Offer status Description
Account pending approval The account associated with this offer needs to be approved.
Account rejected The account associated with this offer was rejected
Activating This offer will be ready to use in a few minutes.
Active Your customer is using this offer.
Approval failed An error has occurred, please re-approve this offer once the status changes.
Approving This offer's approval is being processed on our end. This should only take a few minutes.
Canceled The created offer is no longer available for the customer to accept, and the URL is no longer active.
Created You can now send this offer URL to your customer for purchase.
Draft This offer has been created but not finalized. You can continue to modify this offer until you finish it.
Needs your approval This offer has been accepted by the customer and is awaiting your confirmation.
Offer expired The customer did not accept this offer.
Order expired The end date for the contract has passed.
Rejected You turned down an offer the customer accepted..
Scheduled You approved the offer, and the offer will become active on the contract start date.
Unavailable The offer is a legacy offer that's no longer supported.

Approve the accepted offer

When a customer purchases a private offer for a SaaS product, Google creates an entitlement and uses Pub/Sub to notify you.

For the customer to successfully use your product after they purchase it:

Approve the customer's account

For a customer to use your product, you must have approved their account resource.

The first time that a customer purchases a product from you, to approve their account resource, follow the steps for Creating an account for a new user.

If the customer has already purchased a product from you that required you to approve their account resource, you aren't required to approve their account resource for any subsequent purchases.

Approve the entitlement

After you've approved the customer's account, you must approve the entitlement created by Google when the customer purchased your product.

You can approve the entitlement by using Producer Portal, or by using the Partner Procurement API.

To approve the entitlement by using Producer Portal:

  1. In Producer Portal, go to the Private Offers page.

  2. Click Manage your offers.

Reject an accepted offer

If you want to reject an offer that your customer has accepted, you must use the Partner Procurement API to reject it.

Modify an offer

Published offers with prepay payment schedules can be modified from installment to installment. Published offers with postpay payment schedules must be replaced to be modified.

Modifying a prepay offer

To modify a published prepay offer, create a new offer using the same customer Cloud Billing account. This retrieves and displays details of your existing offer, and allows you to change:

  • The end date of the contract.
  • The number of remaining installments.
  • The details of any installments which haven't started yet.

You can't change details of installments which have already been paid for, or select a contract end date that results in a contract of more than 36 months.

The replacement offer starts immediately when it's purchased and approved.

Modifying a postpay offer

You can't modify, cancel, or delete a published postpay offer. Instead, to replace an active offer, you must create a new offer using the same customer Cloud Billing account. The contract duration and pricing details can be changed in the replacement offer.

Choose a replacement type

When you set up pricing for a new offer, you're prompted to select one of the following replacement options:

  • Amend the current offer. Change or extend the contract duration and, optionally, modify pricing details. You must also specify if you want the replacement to be immediate (Offer begins after you approve it) or delayed (Offer begins when the active offer ends).
  • Amend the current offer's pricing only. Maintain the existing contract end date, and update pricing details such as the commitment or discount percentage.

For the offer acceptance deadline, you must select a date that is less than three months from today and before your active offer's end date. When you review the offer, you see a table that summarizes the changes between the two offers. After publishing the offer, you send the new offer URL to the customer to view and purchase.

Modify pricing details

For replacement offers, you can modify certain pricing details based on the pricing model your current offer uses:

  • If your current pricing model is CUD, you can modify the commitment and discount percentage. You cannot change the type of CUD model (Commitment discount with additional usage at list price or Commitment with all usage discounted).
  • If your current pricing model is Usage only, you can modify the discount percentage or replace the model with a CUD model.
  • If your current pricing model is Flat fee (SaaS), you can modify the payment amount and features list. You cannot switch to a usage-based pricing model.

Extend the offer deadline

If you want to give your customer extra time to accept an offer and don't need to otherwise modify the offer, you can change the acceptance deadline. The URL remains the same, and you don't need to send a new URL to the customer.

  1. On the Private Offers page, click Manage your offers to extend the acceptance deadline.

  2. When prompted, select the new date. The deadline must be within three months of when you extend the offer.

  3. Click Save.

The Private Offers page shows the new deadline in the Offer expiration field.

Download an offer as a PDF

If you want to save an offer to share with others in your organization, you can download the offer as a PDF. The offer's state is included in the PDF, as are the billing account information and offer ID. You can optionally add the EULA included with the offer and any internal notes.

On the Private Offers page, click Manage your offers to download the offer as a PDF.

Cancel an offer

If you want to discard a published offer that you've already sent to a customer, you can cancel the offer. When you cancel the offer, you can add notes for your team that explains why the offer was canceled. Customers can't see these notes, but your team members see them when they view the offer. The offer URL you sent to your customer opens a page that explains that the offer was canceled.

On the Private Offers page, click Manage your offers to cancel the offer.

Only offers in the Created state can be canceled.

Archive an offer

You can remove draft, expired, canceled, ended, or unavailable offers from your main private offers view. Archived offers are moved to the Archive tab, but you can still manage archived offers. If you publish an archived offer or extend the deadline on an archived offer, the offer is automatically moved to the Main tab.