Discover Private Offers

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With Cloud Marketplace Private Offers, you can create a custom offer for a Kubernetes app, software as a service (SaaS) product, or virtual machine (VM) image for a specific customer. The offer enables your customer to purchase your Cloud Marketplace product at a discount.

When the customer opens their offer, they're taken to a purchase page on Cloud Marketplace. The customer confirms the purchase, and signs up for your product. After they sign up, they use your product as if they signed up for a plan directly through Cloud Marketplace. If a customer is already paying for your product using a public plan, they convert to the private offer pricing as soon as the offer contract starts.

For VM products, the customer can deploy or configure the VM. Usage is discounted for the existing and new VM instances as soon as the offer contract starts.

For Kubernetes apps, usage is discounted for existing and new Kubernetes apps as soon as the offer contract starts.

Private Offers features

Private Offers includes the following features:

  • It supports SaaS products, VM images, and Kubernetes apps.

  • It enables you to offer discounts on usage and flat fee (SaaS) pricing models.

  • It supports installment-based prepay or monthly payment schedules.

  • It supports automatic offer approvals and scheduled start dates (Preview) for new offers or amendments to offers.

  • It can be accepted by users with access to a specific billing account.

This version of Private Offers includes the following features: