Approve an accepted offer

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This article describes steps to approve a private offer for a SaaS product, after it's been accepted by a customer.

Approve an accepted offer

When a customer purchases a private offer for a SaaS product, Google creates an entitlement and uses Pub/Sub to notify you.

For the customer to successfully use your product after they purchase it:

Approve the customer's account

For a customer to use your product, you must have approved their account resource.

The first time that a customer purchases a product from you, to approve their account resource, follow the steps for Creating an account for a new user.

If the customer has already purchased a product from you that required you to approve their account resource, you aren't required to approve their account resource for any subsequent purchases.

Approve the entitlement

After you've approved the customer's account, you must approve the entitlement created by Google when the customer purchased your product.

You can manually approve the entitlement by using Producer Portal, or by using the Partner Procurement API.

To approve the entitlement by using Producer Portal:

  1. In Producer Portal, go to the Private Offers page.

  2. Click Manage your offers.

Reject an accepted offer

If you want to reject an offer that your customer has accepted, you must use the Partner Procurement API to reject it.

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