Automatic renewal for private offers

When you create an offer, you decide whether or not to turn on auto-renew for the offer, and specify a maximum number of renewals to allow, which must be less than or equal to the maximum number of renewals that Cloud Marketplace allows. For details on how this maximum number of allowed renewals is computed, see Maximum number of renewals allowed, below on this page.

Customer control over automatic renewal

After your customer accepts an offer with auto-renew turned on, they can choose to turn auto-renew off or on at any time. If you don't turn on auto-renew, your customer can't turn on auto-renew after accepting the offer.

If auto-renew is turned on when a subscription reaches the end of its current term, and the subscription has one or more remaining renewals, that subscription renews for another term.

Maximum number of renewals allowed

The maximum number of renewals that Cloud Marketplace allows for a private offer depends on the number of installments remaining for that offer. If you create an offer that fails during offer validation, we recommend that you reduce the number of allowed renewals and try again.