Disbursements reports

The Disbursements report details the money that is transferred from Google to you for the month.

Report frequency

This report is generated by the tenth business day of every month in the destination that you set up. It includes the details of usage and revenue for the previous month. Its name uses the following format: YYYYMMDD Disbursements

For example, a report named 20210401 means the report is for the usage that happened in April 2021.

Report fields

The report contains the following content:

  • Entity: The name of the Google corporate entity that is issuing the payment, or the special entities Abandoned Payout or Released Payout:

    Released Payout
    indicates the money that Google had withheld, because the customer was delinquent, which it has now received, and is paying to you.
    Abandoned Payout
    indicates the money Google had withheld because the customer was delinquent that will never be paid because Google has determined it is uncollectible.
  • Currency: The currency in which the money is being paid.

  • Amount: The total of the disbursement, before any adjustments.

  • Customer Refund: Any adjustment due to having refunded money to customers for your products.

  • Total: The final amount after adjustments.

  • Notes: The reason for the adjustment.

  • Payment Type: The means by which you receive the disbursement. If the value is old, you receive one or more payments from Google US or a regional Google entity to your US-based bank account. If the value is new, you receive a single payment to your local bank account.