Resell Cloud Marketplace products from ISVs

If you've been accepted in the Partner Advantage program and authorized in the Sell Engagement Model, you can act as a reseller to resell products that are offered by independent software vendors (ISVs).

If an ISV doesn't enable reselling of their products, you can't use Cloud Billing accounts linked to your parent Cloud Billing account to purchase that ISV's products.

Private offer plans

ISVs can create private offer plans that enable you to create private offers for your customers to buy the ISV's products. To contact an ISV and request a private offer plan, see Contact a Cloud Marketplace vendor in the Cloud Marketplace customer documentation.

After an ISV has created a private offer plan, for it to take effect, you must accept it in Partner Sales Console. After you've accepted the private offer plan, you use Partner Sales Console to create private offers for your customers.

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