Configure discounts for resellers

You can offer discounts as incentives to partners who resell your Cloud Marketplace products. Reseller discounts are created at the organization level and applied to resold customer Cloud Billing accounts, so they affect all purchases of your organization's products made by a specific customer of a reseller. After you configure a discount for a reseller, that discount applies to all purchases of your organization's products from Cloud Marketplace that meet all of these conditions:

  • The reseller or their customer makes the purchases through their linked Cloud Billing resold customer subaccount.

  • The sales are invoiced during the duration that you specified when you configured the discount.

When Google calculates billing and payments, we apply the discount to the total purchase amount before computing the revenue share. For more information about how the discount affects revenue share, view the example discount calculation that follows on this page.

When a customer purchases your product from a reseller, they don't see the amount of the discount that the reseller receives.

Before you begin

Configure a discount

The process for configuring a reseller discount involves the following steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to Producer Portal's Reseller discounts page.

  2. In the dropdown menu, select your Google Cloud organization.

  3. If your Google Cloud organization has multiple Cloud Billing accounts associated with it, select the account that you want to use to create the reseller discount.

  4. Click Configure reseller discount.

  5. In the form that appears, enter the Cloud Billing account information that the reseller provided to you.

  6. Specify the following details:

    • The percentage amount of the discount that you want to apply.

    • The start date for the discount.

    • Optionally, a scheduled end date for the discount. If you don't specify a scheduled end date, the discount continues until you cancel it.

    • Optionally, additional information for your reference. The reseller and their customer can't see this information.

  7. Click Create.

  8. After Google processes your request to configure the discount, Cloud Marketplace sends the reseller a notification in Partner Sales Console with details of the discount that you requested. To confirm acceptance of the discount, the reseller must accept the discount in Partner Sales Console before the discount's start date.

  9. After the reseller confirms their acceptance of the discount, Google provisions the discount, and then sends you an email confirming that the discount has been provisioned. While the discount is provisioned immediately, it doesn't take effect until the start date that you specified.

Update an existing reseller discount

To make changes to an existing reseller discount:

  1. Cancel the existing reseller discount.

  2. Follow the same steps that you followed when you initially configured the discount for that reseller.

Example discount calculation

The following example illustrates how a reseller discount affects the amount disbursed to you. In this example, you're selling a product for $100, and you've set up a 10% discount for customers of a reseller. The following table shows how disbursement is calculated when a customer of that reseller purchases your product:

Description Amount Remaining amount to be disbursed to you
Product list price or private offer price
You specify this for your product or offer.
$100 $100
Reseller program discount
This is $10, because that's 10% of $100.
-$10 $90
Revenue share paid to Google
For this example, we're assuming a 3% revenue share.
-$2.70 $87.30
Net amount disbursed to you $87.30

In this example, the reseller pays $90, discounted 10% from $100, and you receive $87.30, applying Google's revenue share only to the amount that the reseller paid.