Add product and customer details to the offer

This article describes how to add product and customer details to a private offer in Producer Portal.

Add customer and sales contact details

After you've begun creating your private offer, you add the following details:

  1. Under Customer details, include the organization, and name for the offer. This information appears on the offer page that the customer receives. Click Next.

    If the Cloud Billing account matches a resold customer subaccount that you've configured a reseller discount for, you see a notice that informs you of the discount. To view the details of the discount, click View discount.

  2. Under Sales contact details, include a contact in case your customer has questions or needs support for the offer.

  3. To proceed to Pricing and payments, click Next.

What's next

After you've added the customer and product details for your private offer, you complete the following steps in Producer Portal:

  1. Set up pricing for your offer.

  2. Specify the end user license agreement (EULA) for your offer.

  3. Review and publish your offer.