Request a reseller discount from an ISV

Independent software vendors (ISVs) can offer discounts as incentives to partners like you who resell their Cloud Marketplace products. This in turn enables you to offer discounts on their products to your customers.

When an ISV configures a discount, that discount applies to all purchases of their organization's products from Cloud Marketplace that meet all of these conditions:

  • You or your resold customer make the purchases through a resold customer subaccount linked to your Cloud Billing account.

  • The purchases are invoiced during the duration that the discount is active.

When a customer purchases products that you resell, they don't see the amount of any reseller discount that you receive from the ISV.


The following sequence describes how a reseller discount is provisioned:

  1. The ISV submits a discount provisioning request to Google.

    As a reseller, you can't submit discount provisioning requests for products from ISVs. If you want a reseller discount on an ISV's Cloud Marketplace products, you must first contact the ISV to negotiate the discount. After you agree on a discount, the ISV submits the discount provisioning request form.

  2. After Google processes the provisioning request, Cloud Marketplace sends you a notification in Partner Sales Console. You must accept the reseller discount in Partner Sales Console for the discount to take effect. For more information about Partner Sales Console, visit About Google Cloud resale.

  3. After you confirm your acceptance of the discount, Google provisions the discount, and then sends an email to the ISV, confirming that the discount has been provisioned.

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