The Cloud Commerce Partner Procurement API is the partner-facing API of the Cloud Commerce Procurement service.

To request access to this API, contact your Partner Engineer.

Using this API, partners can:

  • Process procurement-related notifications sent through Cloud Pub/Sub or HTTP.

  • Get the current state of procured items and account relationships they have with Google Cloud customers.

For information about setting up this API, visit Integrating your app: setting up.

For information about using this API to integrate your SaaS app's backend with Google Cloud Marketplace, visit Integrating your app's backend.

Data Model

The following resources are exposed by this API:

  • Account: Represents an account that a customer has established by the service provider.

  • Entitlement: Represents an entitlement that a user has created against one of the services that the service provider provides. An active entitlement implies that the customer has a right to use the service.