Request assistance with Google Cloud Marketplace

If you need support as you use Google Cloud Marketplace, you can use the Partner Support Desk to request assistance.

Request assistance by using the Partner Support Desk

If you want to request assistance, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Overview page of Producer Portal.

  2. In the Overview page, click Contact Marketplace support to visit the Partner Support Desk.

    Producer Portal Overview page help panel

  3. Use the Partner Support Desk to request the assistance you need, and include the word "Marketplace" in your description.

Get help with accessing Partner Support Desk

If you're having trouble accessing Partner Support Desk, verify that you have a Partner Advantage account. If you don't have a Partner Advantage account, fill out the User Registration Form to register. After you've successfully registered and received your confirmation email, try to access Partner Support Desk again.

If you still can't access Partner Support Desk after you've successfully registered your Partner Advantage account, use the public form to contact support.