About Looker Support

Looker Support's mission is to help customers become great at Looker and help Looker be great for our customers. Check below for some examples of the types of things we are here to help support, and where you can find resources for other questions!

Looker Support can help with the following: 

Looker Support says:

Is it possible to achieve this use case in Looker?

"Cool! What are you working on, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction."

I'm getting this error and I'm not sure why.

"Let's put our heads together and troubleshoot to get you unstuck!"

Is this a bug?

"Ouch. Let's make sure, if it is I'll work with engineering to report the unexpected behavior, and let you know next steps or timeline."

Help! I'm hitting a critical issue.

"Can't access Looker or seeing performance problems? We can help investigate and get to a root cause!"

I prefer calls, can we handle this on a video call instead of chat/email?

"Our support teams should be able to offer you a screen share if you prefer. We have found that screen shares are most useful when we're gathering information and trying to understand an issue. Screen shares must be scheduled ahead of time and are subject to availability."


You can contact us by opening a case in the Google Cloud console or by using in-app support. For some types of questions, consider using the following resources: 

For questions like this...

Looker Support recommends the following instead:

I need help writing SQL.

Use your database's documentation and support team (if available) to help you write SQL that works for your database.

Can you train me on how to use Looker?

Learn the fundamentals with Looker Training. Your company may also have specific training material for working with your Looker instance.

Can I see an example of how to build x in LookML?

Check out the Looker Community, the place for data-driven discussion and all your Looker questions, answers, and excitement!

I need help building out a LookML model/custom script that meets our requirements.

Our Professional Services team can help you draft a Statement of Work for a project such as this. You are responsible for the construction and maintenance of custom scripts.