Conditional formatting using value_format

It's common for users to want to interact with short numbers. For example, they prefer $2.5M to a long string like $2,523,093.25. You can build short-number displays by creating multiple defined LookML measures, such as one to display as-is, one divided by 1,000, or one with limited decimal places, and so on.

LookML can achieve these displays automatically with some more advanced value_format syntax.

The syntax

Note that the value of the value_format parameter is enclosed in double quotes in LookML, so all double quotes will need to be escaped in the format itself.

This pattern lets you set value formats with conditions:

[if_condition]format; [if_condition]format; else_format


To make numbers such as 12.23M or 2.33K, you can use the following code:


Or with no decimal places:


Here is the measure in LookML for the above example, with dollar signs added:

  measure: global_amount {
    type: running_total
    sql: ${TABLE}.ransomamt
    value_format: "[>=1000000]$0.00,,\"M\";[>=1000]$0.00,\"K\";$0.00"
    drill_fields: invoices*