Creating a dashboard-only user

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In Looker, you can provision a user with access that limits their activity to only viewing dashboards. Looker admins can do this by using a combination of model sets, permission sets, and content access to create a role that you apply to the user or a group of users.

Follow these steps:

  • Under Admin > Roles, create a new model set and select only the models that contain the LookML that is used in your dashboard(s) tiles.
  • Create a new permission set with limited permissions. For example, if you want the user to see only dashboards that are defined in LookML, select the see_lookml_dashboards permission:

    If you want the user to also be able to see user-created dashboards in folders, select both the see_lookml_dashboards and the see_user_dashboards permissions:

  • To allow users to view dashboards, you also need to give the user access to the folder(s) in which the dashboard or dashboards are saved. Under Admin > Content Access, highlight the folder or folders you want to allow users to view, and select Manage Access. Add the group or user being created and give them View access.
  • Finally, in Admin > Roles, select the New Role button to create a new role. Assign the model set and permission set you just created to the new role. Select the individual user(s), or a group of users, to be given the new role, which will limit their access to dashboards only.

Users and groups can have more than one role. Make sure the users or groups whose access you wish to limit are not assigned to other roles with greater access.